Cybersecurity can be confusing and overwhelming, but it is essential for every business. At CTS, we’ve developed a proven and cost-effective cybersecurity strategy for any business that actually works!

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Consider the following statistics when thinking about whether you need Cybersecurity protection for your business:

  • An average of 26,000 Cybersecurity attacks occur each day according to Forbes.
  • Comptia reports that the United States remains the most highly targeted country with 46% of all cyberattacks targeting Americans.
  • According to Cybersecurity Ventures, over 50% of all cyberattacks target small to medium sized businesses (SMBs).
  • Aside from costs a business may need to pay those behind a Cybersecurity attack to get their data back, there are other significant costs a business may incur:
    • Between the 1st quarter of 2020 and the 3rd quarter of 2021, Statista reported that the average duration of downtime after a ransomware attack increased from 15 to 22 days.
    • A survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 87% of consumers consider changing who they conduct business with when a cyberattack occurs.
    • Over 60% of SMBs that encounter a cyberattack, go out of business within 6 months according to Cybersecurity Ventures.

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Can your business afford to take a chance on not having proper Cybersecurity protection in place?

If still unsure, consider the following example:

  • Business XYZ has 30 employees whose average annual salary and benefits package is $58,500 per employee, monthly operating and marketing costs of $6,500, and $4.8 million in gross sales. If this business encounters a Cybersecurity attack and loses just one day of business as a result, the cost is estimated to be at least $27,023!  As previously shared, customer trust and their business reputation are also likely jeopardized, and this is at a cost that could be indefinite.

At Computing Technology Solutions (CTS), we support a diverse number of businesses by being their Cybersecurity partner.  We perform a risk assessment with every new client that allows us to help understand where they have exposure to potential attackers. With this assessment and our comprehensive security stack, we implement solutions that match the needs of each business.

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