What is Google Analytics?

Ever wonder how many people are visiting your company’s website or how they are getting to it? Have you ever released a press release and wondered if it actually drew traffic to your website? There are several website traffic analysis solutions out there, but one of the best out there is actually free!

Google Analytics – http://www.google.com/analytics – is completely free and it gives you an in-depth insight as to how many visitors come to your site and why they are going on it. What’s really cool is that you can set up Analytics to automatically e-mail you reports that are specific to your marketing needs: Some items that you are able to dive into are:

Where are visitors geographically located
Amount of unique vs regular visitors
Effectiveness of content based on specific pages
How long visitors are spending on your site and pages
Effectiveness of your social media efforts
Mobile and smartphone effectiveness
Conversion rate – which is how many users are taking actions (filling out forms, downloading whitepapers, etc.)

Please let us know how we can help you integrate Google Analytics into your website!

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