So What is “The Cloud”?

Cloud computing is the concept that an organization hosts its data and/or systems on the Internet, or “the cloud” at a dedicated hosting facility. Most of our clients tend to cringe when they think about their data leaving their office and going out on the Internet. So why do a lot of companies make the move to the cloud?

The biggest reason for making the move to the cloud is the benefit of not having the upfront and ongoing costs of purchasing hardware or software. Rather than purchasing a server, most businesses would rather pay a flat fee of $125/month and not have to deal with the issues of owning a server – upfront costs, monthly maintenance, disaster recovery, and even backups.

Most data centers, like ours, are more reliable and secure than any office building. Our data center, which is SAS 70 Type II certified, offers 24/7 security, power protection with gas generators, multiple Internet connections for redundancy, and data backup solutions. For more information on our hosting solutions, visit us at

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