Recommended Monthly Computer Maintenance

Despite what people think, computers do not last forever and they have a life span. Your typical desktop will last between four and five years, and a typical laptop will last between three and four years. A computer’s life is determined by hardware failure and also its limits in keeping up with software advances. For example, you would not want a computer from 2006 running Windows 7. Sure it will run, but the performance is not even worth it.

By performing monthly computer maintenance on your systems, you will ensure that you will be getting the most longevity and performance standpoints. Here is a list of items that you should do on a monthly basis:

Make sure that all critical Microsoft security patches are installed
Verify that your virus protection software is updating properly
Delete Windows temporary files located at C:\Windows\Temp
Delete users’ temporary files located at C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp (Windows XP) or C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp (Windows Vista or 7)
Delete all Internet Explorer temporary files. While in Internet Explorer, click on Tools –> Internet Options –> Click on Delete and then make sure that you delete Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History
Uninstall any programs that are no longer needed from the Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features)
Empty the Windows Recycling Bin
Defragment the hard drive. Click on Start –> Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools and then click on Disk Defragmenter
Restart the computer (this is recommended weekly)

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