Free Solution for Syncing Your Data

Very often clients ask us for a quick and dirty solution for either syncing data between remote computers or sharing files with other users on the Internet. If you do not have a VPN solution at your office or do not want to deal with the management of VPN and remote access, there are a few online solutions out there that are both secure and offer a decent amount of storage.

One of the best solutions out there is Dropbox. For free… yes that is correct… FREE. Dropbox provides you with 2 GB of online storage. With that storage, you can sync the files with your computer, so that your files can be accessed by another computer of yours or by others that you grant access to (Public folder). And since everything is web-based, the sync and access works with Windows, Mac, and even Linux computers. For users who need more than 2 GB of storage, Dropbox offers up to 100 GB plans and you can find the pricing plans here:

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