Referral Program

The CTS Customer Referral Program is back and it is MORE exciting than ever! CTS is now giving anyone who refers them the opportunity to receive their IT services and hosting for FREE! And no… that’s not a misprint.

We’ve realized that our best new clients are the ones who have been referrals, and what better way to say “Thanks!” to our current clients than to give them a monthly residual credit for the referral. CTS will credit your monthly account 15% of the total of any services that your referral purchases from CTS. So, if you refer Company ABC and they spend $1,500 with CTS in November, you will receive a credit of $225 on your December invoice and you will receive those monthly credits for up to one year for that one referral!

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Just introduce CTS to your friends, colleagues and vendors, and earn free CTS services from all of your referrals. Your referrals finally get a chance to experience the same quality CTS services that you’ve depended upon for years, and you receive monthly generous credits on your invoices!

Just use the quick form below to register your referrals and get ready to earn FREE IT services and hosting!

Their Info:


Your Info:

Referral credit can only be applied toward services and not hardware or software sales. If your monthly credit exceeds your monthly invoice, you may hold that credit for future invoices up to three months. This program may be changed or discontinued without notice.


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